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Join a Dental Plan at TDP

Trinity Dental Practice recognised the need to offer an affordable payment plan to patients in 2001.  

Moray Firth Dental Care was formed to achieve this aim.


A Dental Plan allows us to provide high quality affordable dental care and to focus on a more preventive approach to dentistry.


Becoming a member of MFDC Full Care Plan entitles you to complete care within the practice and does not place restrictions on the treatment required for you to maintain a healthy mouth. There is also an inclusive benefit package which covers emergency dental treatment at home and away as well as a host of other benefits. Monthly payments are assessed on an individual basis depending on treatment need


You can also join our Maintenance Plan which entitles you to a more basic level of cover from just £14.95 per month. 


If you wish to join then please enquire at reception or ask your dentist.


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